Quality content is key to winning customers and boosting brand engagement, but in the fast-moving world of eCommerce, traditional, website-based content management systems aren’t up to the task. Now, headless content management systems are giving online entrepreneurs the tools to share content across all channels for greater visibility in a…

The VELOX Story

The inventors of VELOX have more than 20 years of experience in building B2B eCommerce solutions. Over the years they’ve worked with various different solutions and platforms like Hybris, Intershop, Magento, Elastics Path and many more and they also built two eCommerce platforms by themselves. The experience when using standard…

swiss business network

To strengthen small IT companies, freelancers and IT startups in Switzerland, we founded and successfully launched a Swiss business network called TecHUB Swiss. The main goal is to connect local IT businesses and encourage the exchange of know-how and experience and to enable local collaborations.

Core Advantages of the business network

  • Connect with trusted IT specialists…

headless ecommerce header

How can you keep up in the fast-changing and highly competitive eCommerce environment, and what is headless ecommerce?!

In times of in-store interfaces, IoT, amazon dash buttons, and voice assistants, there are many new options to shop online, which is fantastic for the customers. But, this presents even more challenges…

swiss made software sly gmbh

The values of swiss made software?

The label committed to promoting the Swiss software industry on a national and international level. It stands for quality, reliability, and precision, with a focus on software development. …

Sly Agency

Sly GmbH is Switzerland’s first headless ecommerce partner, get in touch with us today and find out how your ecommerce environment can benefit!

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